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Development of the Declaration to Improve Biomedical & Health Research

The concept of a campaign, with specific objectives to improve health research arose from a presentation made to the EBMLive conference in Oxford in July 2019 by Stephen Bradley.The conference organisers facilitated a further session to discuss the concept further, chaired by Georgia Richards. A declaration steering group was formed by Stephen Bradley (University of Leeds), Georgia Richards (University of Oxford) and Peter Gill (University of Toronto).  An on-line survey was distributed amongst attendees of the conference session in which suggested demands to include in the declaration was distributed.  This was used to inform selection of the declaration’s three demands.  Drafts of the declaration were prepared by Stephen Bradley, Peter Gill and Georgia Richards and distributed amongst those who had expressed an interest in the declaration during the conference, who provided feedback and in many cases became signatories.

A draft declaration was made available on-line on the Open Science Framework in October 2019 and publicised via the declaration twitter account @TA_Declaration.  The feedback received informed the second major revision of the declaration, which was overseen by Stephen Bradley from October to December 2019.  Following consultation with signatories this revision of the declaration was made available on the Open Science Framework website in January 2020.


The current members of the steering committee of the Declaration are Stephen Bradley and Kelly Lloyd who are PhD researchers at the University of Leeds, Georgia Richards a doctoral student at the University of Oxford and Peter Gill a paediatrician and associate professor at the University of Toronto.

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